IMS symposia, workshops and seminars

In cooperation with our representatives, partners and other institutions IMS worldwide is organizing symposia, workshops and seminars focusing on the development of the membrane structure industry.

Next to the main topics of these events participants take advantage on sharing their expertise and experiences regarding research and education in relation to the fields of membrane and lightweight structures.

6th International Textile Architecture Seminar - IMS

2nd International Seminar in Latinoamerica - Lima/ Peru

26.-28.04. 2017

Universidad de las Artes y Ciencias de Latino America - Lima/ Peru

Important Multinational Meeting of Experts on membrane structures

Language: Spanish/ English


Topic / Tema

The current world of Textile Architecture. The planning, design, andincreasingly frequent inclusion of high‐tech membrane structures within the modern architecture. Likewise, the rising importance and popularity of this global industry.

El universo actual de la Arquitectura Textil. La planeación, diseño y cada vez más frecuente incorporación de estructuras de membranas de alta tecnología en la arquitectura moderna. Asímismo, la creciente importancia y popularidad de esta industria global.  

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